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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Peruvian..Mourning the loss of a beer....

Every year, we at the brewery and fans of our beer eagerly await bourbon barrel season, which for us falls over the cold, dark months of Wisconsin winter.  One of the beers we're extremely fond of, and which has resonated so much with our fans, is Peruvian Morning, our barrel-aged Imperial Coffee Stout.
While there are inherent challenges in the process of creating any barrel-aged beer, Peruvian carries with it even more variables, and therefore more potential for problems. From the locally roasted coffee, to in house grinding and extraction, and barrel procurement, there are spots where the QC procedures are not under our direct control. While we'd certainly never say we've achieved perfection, we've taken pride in our ability to navigate these issues before and produce what we feel is a truly exemplary beer that's become something of a cult favorite.
Because of the potential pitfalls, we subject Peruvian to a rigorous series of quality control tests at multiple points in the production and packaging processes.  This year, Peruvian came through with flying colors, showing dozens of clean results on the way to the market.  Unfortunately, on Friday, February 28, additional testing revealed a questionable result.
Here at the brewery, we quickly initiated further rounds of testing to determine conclusively what's happening with the beer.  This included a flavor analysis - and unfortunately, we noticed a faint developing flavor that we don't want in Peruvian Morning.  These findings prompted us to act:

·  With the help of our distribution partners, we immediately pulled the beer from markets where it was on shelves and stopped sale of existing inventory.
·  We're thoroughly reviewing quality control procedures- both here at the brewery and upstream sourcing, and are already investing more in our lab, as this has showed some gaps in what we already do.

There is nothing in the beer that renders it unsafe to drink, but the flavor profile is not what we intend it to be. This beer, while still tasting pretty good as of now, will likely sour over the next number of months.

This is a setback for us; but more than that, it's also a sad moment at the brewery.  We love this beer and know that our customers do, too.  However, as of today, the future of Peruvian Morning is uncertain.  We have a lot of analysis to do to determine if we'll be able to continue to make the beer without changing it drastically - and that's an outcome we won't tolerate.  We would rather not make it than make a compromised version of something we love, such as pasteurized or sterile filtered barrel aged beer.

There are many wonderful breweries around the country that have dealt with similar issues in the recent past.  We, like them, respect that brewing is an art and a science - an artisanal process - and know that none of it is possible without the support of you, our fans, who make the choice to include our beer in your lives.  We have the luxury of making something we hope you savor and enjoy; something that isn't necessary, but for so many of us is a key component in the enjoyment of life.  We don't want you to be dissatisfied with your choice to support us: if you purchased Peruvian Morning and it's not satisfactory to you, please contact and we will do our best to make it right.  If you bought it and it's tasting fine to you, drink up!

We do have one more batch that is pending approval as we do further quality control tests.  Its status is uncertain.

We look forward to bringing several new and exciting beers (some of which are barrel-aged) to you this year.  We are incredibly grateful for our fans and will always strive to offer you the highest quality beers we can make.  As always, thanks for your support of Central Waters Brewing Company.

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