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Monday, January 19, 2015

17th Anniversary Party details!

5 DAYS! 

Man, that sounds stressful. Alright, here are some final details for our 17th Year Anniversary party this Saturday, January 24...

Doors open at 3pm. Nobody will be allowed in before 3 pm, so if you come early, be prepared to wait until 3! The party will run until 10pm.

This will be a CASH ONLY event, there will be 2 ATMs on site

No tents this year! We have a new building, and with the new building, we will be able to accommodate this party all indoors, (although some porta pottys may be outside, just a heads up)

Everyone arriving will need to arrive through the main brewery front door. Upon arrival, you will be checked for an ID and given a wristband. This wristband is your proof of age, without it, you will not be served.

The main brewery bar will be open with our normal lineup of beers, this bar will take cash or beer tickets. The new building, which you will access via the main brewery building, will have tapper trailers pouring a wider range of beers. This tap area will be beer tickets only. In the new building, you will be able to purchase beer tickets.

For 17 Sales....
You will enter the main brewery entrance no earlier than 3pm, get ID'd and wristbanded, and make your way to the very back of the main brewery building, where a line will be set up. Please have your ticket mailed to you by Brown paper Tickets. If you did not receive that, or lost it, please make sure you have a valid photo ID. Without one of these two, we will not reserve your allocation! Remember, if you purchased your ticket to reserve this beer, we will have it waiting for you, so if the line is crazy long, go grab a beer, some food, and enjoy the music, check back after it dies down.

IF there is any 17 left after we process everyone with tickets, we will open this up on a first come first served basis, with limits based on inventory at that time. This should happen around 7 o'clock or so.

We will be running the free shuttle service again this year, with pickups happening at Comfort Suites in Stevens Point, Guu's on Main, Econolodge and Holiday Inn, all in Stevens Point. Shuttles will begin picking up at 2 PM, and they will continue the pickups until 8 PM. After 8 PM, there will be no more shuttle pickups. After 8, the shuttles will all return to the brewery and begin shuttling people out and back to Stevens Point. We know in the past that the return trip can take a while, because everyone waits to leave until the very end. We love that everyone wants to stay, just understand that if you wait until 10 to catch a shuttle, you may have to wait a bit to get on one, as they fill fast. We will keep running them until everyone gets back, so now worries there, just don't get angry (you know who you are!).

The main brewery bar will have all of our flagships, and a few of the high end beers, that is yet to be determined, but the new building, which will have the tapper trailers, food and music, will likely have all of everything listed. Keep in mind, some of the high end beers are in limited quantity, and will run out. Each beer ticket will cost $4, one ticket will get you one of the beers listed below, Some are 16 oz pours, some are 8 oz pours, and 16 and 17 will likely be a 6 oz pour.

Honey Blonde
Ouisconsing Red Ale
Shine On
Mudpuppy Porter
Hop Rise
Glacial Trail IPA
Satin Solitude Stout
Slainte Scotch Ale
Dubbel DeWylde
Experimental Belgian Stout
Bourbon Barrel Stout
Rye Barrel Stout
Rye Barrel Chocolate Porter
Space Ghost!
Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout
Rye Barrel Cherry Stout
En Bruges Belgian IPA
Y2K Barleywine
Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
16 (limited!)
17, all night!


Other than 17, we will have limited allocations available of Rye Barrel Chocolate Porter 22 oz bottles, $9 each; Space Ghost 22 oz bottles $7 each, and Bourbon Barleywine and Bourbon Cherry Stout 4 packs at $14 each.

Did I forget anything? It's gonna be a blast with Sloppy Joe and Art Stevenson and Highwater rocking all night! Can't wait to see everyone and celebrate 17 years of great beer!

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